The great names in the world of Volley ball
Among the most thrilling sports, Volley Ball stands imminent. Two teams consisting of six players each are separated by a net and each team try to score by vollyball great namesgrounding the ball in other’s half. Each team has Setters which are responsible for the offense over other team, Liberos defend the team half by serving and attacking, Middle blockers or hitters being the ones who can perform very active attacks that are near setters, outside or left side hitters are responsible for covering and attacking near left antenna while Right side hitters cover and attack on the right side antenna.
Volley ball isn’t only played indoor. There are beach volley ball matches too, consisting of one against one; however, the rules remain almost the same. Small variations exist from location to location and new rules are well-welcomed. The most famous volley ball player is Karch Kiraly having most professional career beach volley ball victories. He is the only player having three gold medals. Karch Kiraly was entitled as “Sparkplug” for moving the 1984 and 1988 USA Men’s Olympic Volleyball Teams to play outstanding volleyball and encouraging his teammates to engage in their best. This encouragement leaded to their success.
As for women players, Logan Tom is one of the most astonishing and vibrant volleyball players in the orb. Logan Tom's striking and livescores has made her one of the most famed volleyball players in the world today. She has been a four-time first-team All-American at Stanford. She proudly bears two-time NCAA National Player of the Year award. She proved herself worthy of MVP for Final Four NCAA for 2001. In 2000 during Sydney Olympics she appeared as the least aged player on the National Team, being 19, yet she participated for the team and stood at the top four standing in placements. She has played professionally in Italy, Switzerland and Brazil.

How difficult it was to qualify for first knockout?
The love for sports especially soccer gives immense pleasure to the persons who give their best on the ground and the individuals who come at stadiums after leaving all the works behind. Tahiti tend to be enjoying their 1st qualification regarding the knockout phase of any FIFA match after seeing off United states 5-3 to reserve the way towards the quarter-finals together with Argentina.
united state soccer team
The match was obviously a spectacular contest which saw limitless narrow misses at the two ends as well as the goalkeepers worked extra time, having a amazing 80 shots noted in the Thirty-nine minutes of play.

Intersting thing is, the host side yet again performed the Polynesian Haka pre-game and so they made an motivational start just like they did for their opening win in opposition to United Arab Emirates.

Remember, Raimana Li Fung along with Raimoana Bennett got much appreiation as they scored in speedy succession, however just as against the UAE, the locals permitted their attackers back into the match.

There was obviously a dose of good fortune with regards to USA's very first stunning goal through a ball out of an acute angle that turned directly into his personal net by the Tahiti's Angelo Tchen. This goal was very important as it turned the spirits of boys very high. They wanted to give some surprise to in front of massive and loud crowd.

Similarly, Tearii Labaste with full effort restored a couple of goals margin using a gorgeous overhead kick, simply for a generally resilient United states to draw level on account of 2 quickfire attacks. Even with parity being restored th Tahiti followers continued their loud support and merely like penalties loomed Patrick with Forty-four seconds left over, just before adding insurance within the final moments. That was an overall picture of live scores of a match that cannot be removed from the minds.

All Times Favorite – Great Serena Williams
Serena Williams is undoubtedly the world’s no. 1 tennis player in women’s category. She was born on 26 September 1981 in Michigan USA. Her exceptional talent was spotted at the age of nine when she joined a tennis academy along with her sister Venus Williams. She was ranked as No. 1 in under ten players by US Tennis Association in junior category. Serena occupied world’s no. 1 position in 2002 for the first time. After that she continued the streak and now has this rank for the sixth time in her career. Now she has the privilege to be the oldest world’s top ranked player.
There is a long list of her achievements; probably maximum by any individual player. She is regarded as the greatest player in the history of women’s tennis. Williams holds most of the titles combined in single, double mixed double category among all active male and female tennis players. She is the only player to bear the title of Career Golden Slam in both single and double category. Her prize money is estimated about $500 million, which is highest for any female tennis player.
She has been put at seventh number by her 32 Grand Slam titles; that includes 13 in women’s double, 17 in singles and 2 mixed doubles. Williams is at sixth in all times Grand Slam single titles; that are 17. Pair of Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams is unbeaten in Grand Slam finals. She is one of only five players to win multiple slam set all the times. In women tennis, arrival of Serena and Venus was attributed as a launch of new era full of enthusiasm and power.
Serena had managed to win 3 gold medals in Olympics. She faced few controversies in her tennis career. One was at US open 2004; where several decisions were against Serena due to biased umpiring. Her tennis livescore history is really awesome. Apart from in court activities she is proactive in out of field activities; like in brand endorsements, entertainment and showbiz industry and charity work as well.

Federer vs. Nadal – Amazing rivalry match of 2008 Wimbledon
Certain rivals try to take best out of each other. In the history of Tennis; from Bjorn Bog and McEnroe to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, there were plenty of rival pairings who were pushed out to limits due to adversaries. Hence fans were provided by great spectatorship and some memorable Federer vs. Nadal tennis matches ever. Similarly one of best match of Tennis history was between Federer and Nadal in 2008 Wimbledon single men championship final. It was third consecutive year of Wimbledon when Nadal and Federer had faced each other in final.
Out of three Federer had won both previous matches in Wimbledon. He was five time champion of Wimbledon in a row and was trying to win it for sixth time. On the other hand Nadal won the French Open four times in arrow. This feat was extremely difficult for him because it was difficult to switch from slow clay surface to fast grass track. Previously Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver were able to achieve this feat in open era of tennis.
Both of the players were on ground at sharp time. This amazing and most awaited match was delayed for thirty five minutes due to rain. Match umpire was Pascal Marina. Spectators were curious to know about the live score of this match. After commencement of match Nadal managed to win first two sets by 6-4 and 6-4.In third set Federer was leading by 5-4, but rain stopped the play once again.
After almost eighty minutes of break, game resumed and Federer managed to win third and fourth set by 7-6 each. Another thirty minute weather break kept the two players away from field. When they came back on court then darkness was setting in and it was threatened to delay the match on next day. At last, the final set started and Federer was two points away from claiming the title sixth time. But Nadal made a marvellous come back and clinched victory in final set by 9-7 and won 2008 Wimbledon title.

Soccer match, Man City vs. Norwich
A match was held between the very famous soccer teams Manchester City and Norwich on 2nd November, 2013. Manchester city had already faced defeat in the previous match with Chelsea and therefore it was high time this fan favorite team bounced back to thsoccer matche top. This match took place in the Ethid Stadium where a huge crowd of Man City fans was seen. During the match, there was much attention paid to the Man city players to see if they could handle the pressure that was put on them by Chelsea. They were seen performing to what was expected and even more! The highlights of the match included the man of the match which was Sergio Aguero. He just couldn’t resist smiling widely because he just loves to play against Norwich. He goaled four times and took the title. Goal of the match was pronounced to YayaToure who threw a powerful free-kick in the beginning of the second half of the match which made the crowd go crazy!
Although the beginning of the match seemed to be the head start for Norwich as the Man city players were under a lot of pressure, yet the game started with sixteen minutes wasted easily by the Man city for not letting the other team make a single goal. The team members played with complete tactics and knew where the other team lacked. Norwich was stated to feel a powerful defeat which was no less humiliating for them as they continue to strive in the bottom three of the soccer teams. The rush of emotions through the faces of the players and the crowd was seen during both halves of the match. There was not a single goal which was played without a tactic or without fooling the players of the other game. Man City mercilessly defeated Norwich without letting them make a single goal.


Martina Hingis, A wonderful tennis player

Martina Hingis is probably one of the most popular female tennis star in the history of the game was born in 1980. She was the born winner who was born to rule over tennis. She was best known for her mental strength and brute power.  Martina started playing tennis at a tender age of fourteen. She dominated the scene only after entering the professional tennis. In 1990’s she became the most dominant female tennis player. She won almost all the Grand Slam titles in 1997. She missed only French Open.
Martina Hingis, A wonderful tennis player

Martina Hingis was a very popular tennis player who was known for top spin and powerful shots. She won $15 million in total by the year 2000. Martina was the best player, grabbing, World No.1 rank in year 1997, 1998 and in 2000. Martina’s double pair with Anna Kournikova was considered among the most successful and popular pair through the era of 90’s.

She had a glittering career with 9 Grand Slams titles in women’s doubles. In 1999, Martina won number of titles winning 7 titles at Grand Slam and Tier 1 events. Martina entered 20 tournaments and made to 13 finals in the year 1999. At WTA, Martina won 15 doubles and 16 single titles. Her continuous achievements had made her the best female tennis players of her times.

In 2002, Martina Hingis faced ankle journey and that proved terrible for her. Because of that she had to sit out of the court for one whole year. Her injury added to her frustration and finally in 2003 she announced her retirement. After sometime she started thinking over it again and played tennis for 3 more years before finally retiring from the game. Martina played and played really well. Her achievements have made her one of the two female tennis players.

Fed Cup and Davis Cup: two important tennis events
Fed Cup is the most famous competition among female tennis players. It was first introduced in year 1963 as a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ITF. Federation Cup was the name given to this competition. Seeding decisions for 4 nations in world cup according to the rules of Fed Cup.
Teams are divided in pools on the Zonal group. Then they start playing in one round against each other. There are always two teams which are promoted and encouraged from Europe Group and Africa Group of the world cup of that particular year. From America Group 1 only one team is gone to the World Cup.
The Davis Cup is the most famous and most important international tennis event that is played among male tennis players. Davis Cup is managed by ITF. It is played every year in which teams are playing for their countries to earn a big name and to make a big success against their rival teams. The Davis Cup Championship first started in year 1900. At that time it was a great challenge between British team and American team.
From 2007 till now 137 countries participate in this championship tournament. In the history of Davis Cup Championship USA has been the most successful team who has won thirty two tournaments with twenty-nine times runner up. Australia is on the second number as it won twenty eight tournaments at four events against New Zealand with nineteen times runner up. Czech Republic is the present Davis Cup holder it won the title against Spain. Every year sixteen lucky teams from all over the world are selected to play and participate for the Davis Cup. Those countries that lose the first round have to play against continental zones and only those teams who win World Group enter the quarter finals. In order to claim for Davis Cup Championship the counties have to win three ties.

Top 3 soccer players
Football is also known as soccer. It is a game played by two teams, each having eleven players. It is believed to be the most popular game of the world. The aim of the sport is to score maximum by using all parts of the body except hands and arms. The only person who can use hands and arms is a goal keeper. It is true that history of soccer is full of great players but today we are going to discuss top 3 soccer players. Let’s try to find out that what makes them best?
Lionel Messi is not a new name for the soccer lovers. His way of dribbling and handling the ball is matchless. He knows the art of changing the course of match at any second. His whole career is full of the supporting facts and that might be the reason behind his remarkable success. He possesses unique talents of vision, speed and flexibility. Youth admires him because of the perfection he shows in his game. Messi is undoubtedly the best player of the year 2013.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese. He started showing some extra ordinary performances from the very beginning of the sport. He knows that how to play at any part of the field. Being a striker, Ronaldo has scored a great number of goals and has always contributed toward the success of his team. His matchless performances and high quality game has made him the 2nd best football player of the year 2013.
Wayne Rooney is a player who does not need any introduction. He is one his own kinds. He has been reigning over the hearts of millions of the people for many years. It is commonly believed that once a ball comes to Wayne it rings the alarming bells for the opponent team.

An entertainment resort for sports fanatics: livescore websites
With thousands of sports channel being launched on our limited square or rectangle (television), the world of sports has confined into a shell which is accessible to all of us. But things go irritating for us when we being sports fan cannot watch a game as it comes live. The reasons are normally very much routine because we have to deal with a lot of other things on a daily basis. Live scores websites for these reasons are a good resort towards which we can turn to using our computers or our cell phones. Our basic need as sports fans is to know what is going on in a live match and this need is catered through the instant updates that these websites serve us with. Score cards of all the live matches that take place in various leagues and tournaments are being displayed on their web pages provided they cater that specific sport.
Live scores websites which have made it big in the online world are not only facilitating sports lovers but they also render a wide variety of services to webmasters. Live score services on the WebPages of web concern’s is normally offered for free by these websites. Similarly they have different data packages on offer to web concerns at affordable rates and these packages add a lot of value to the services of such concerns. Being webmasters, you can easily display a lot of sports data to your users via the services of livescore websites. Livescore websites also give their users a reliable platform for online betting through their legal license for the same. Other features include live streaming, quiz competitions, sports knowledge directories and sports games download

Chris Gayle Vs Shahid Afridi: Who is the better hard hitter of cricket?
Gayle and Afridi are best known as the hard hitters of cricket world and both have earned a lot of score and fame in many tournaments. Gayle possesses a lot of popularity due to his unique hitting style. Likewise, Afridi who is typically recognized as Boom Boom has made immense records of half centuries and fastest centuries during various cricket matches of his career. The analysis of Gayle VS Afridi shows that Afridi is the most feared batsman in the world but Gayle on the other hand, is undisputedly considered as the most dangerous batsman of cricket. He has given many winning shots to his team.
Both Gayle and Afridi have a very aggressive way of playing cricket and they both are known as hard hitters and dangerous batsman so far. It is very difficult to judge better player in the competition of Gayle Vs Afridi as evaluating them on the basis of their performance is never so easy. If Gayle is considered to be the furious batsman for his rivals who really hits hard on ground giving big scores for his team than Afridi is also considered a the most aggressive and highly dangerous player to every ball. It is a tough task to find out a conclusion of Gayle Vs Afridi analysis.
Afridi has got a little edge over Gayle in the matter of records but he has the credit of making the fastest century only on 37 balls. He also holds the record of making the second fastest half century at same pace. It is true that Gayle has not made any such records as a batsman in ODI cricket but he is credit for making seven centuries in T20 cricket. In nutshell, both Gayle and Afridi are undoubtedly the players who have made steady and stunning batting. They both can easily be headache for any bowler when are on crease.


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